Brooksville - Nekora 7
Getting ready for her CAT run. Photo by Mark Baer

Welcome to Boomlay Shiba Inu.

Boomlay is officially closed. We will not be producing any more litters/puppies.

Boomlay is a up-and-coming Shiba Inu kennel located in Tampa, Florida, specializing in versatile AKC and NIPPO registered Shiba Inu. I focus on temperament, structure, and type – in that order. I strive to produce mentally sound Shiba with balanced structure and a good work ethic. I not only show my dogs in conformation but I also participate in performance events with my dogs including Barn Hunt, Fast CAT/CAT, AKC’s Trick Dog, AKC’s Canine Good Citizen, Rally as well as training for agility.

Our goal is to preserve & promote the Shiba Inu as the breeders in Japan intended the Shiba to be.
Our dogs are raised with other animals including other dogs, cats, rabbits & birds (budgies, pigeons, ducks). Socialization and good genetics is key. The dogs travel to wherever dogs are allowed, making them more well rounded and less likely to develop fears or phobias.


Our Shiba are health tested before breeding – eyes, hips, & patellas are OFA certified.





Puppy Culture

Pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts & limited registration.
Show puppies are sold on individual basis.

Awards 2021
Ribbons are nice but these awards are irreplaceable. It’s an amazing honor to have dogs qualify for and receive awards from the National Shiba Club of America. It was also an amazing honor and opportunity to be able to show a Shiba at the NIPPO Grand National and place. I was humbled beyond belief when my friend let me keep the awards.
Perry 2021
The Peach Blossom Cluster hosts a versatile dog parade. Dogs must have at least 3 AKC titles. All three of mine had at least 3 titles and were able to participate. AKC GCH/UKC CH LeSand’s Karma And Effect RN FDC FCAT CGCA TKI RATI, UKC CH Boomlay’s Truth Is Karma Don’t Lie BCAT CA RN TKN CGC, UKC RBIS UKC CH Kurochiyo Akakiyosou BCAT CA RATN CGC TKN RATI

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Please feel free to check out our upcoming litter page for information regarding our current/next planned breeding and our contact page if interested in purchasing a Shiba Inu from Boomlay.

Astrid & Delilah on a hike

Occasionally we may have older puppies or retired show dogs available to a loving home. Visit Available Shiba for more information.

For more information on the Shiba Inu check out our About Shiba page or more about me Behind Boomlay

I’m a proud member of the National Shiba Club of America, Nihonken Hozonkai (NIPPO), The Dog Training Club of Tampa, and the Florida Cracker Horse Association.