Brooksville - Nekora 7
Getting ready for her CAT run. Photo by Mark Baer

“Temperament, Structure, and Type – Kan-i, Ryosei, and Soboku”

Welcome to Boomlay Shiba Inus.

We are small, brand new Shiba Inu breeder located in Tampa, Florida, specializing in AKC & NIPPO registered Shiba Inus that excel in temperament, structure, & type – in that order. We not only show our dogs in conformation but we also participate in performance events with our dogs including Barn Hunt, Fast CAT/CAT, AKC’s Trick Dog, AKC’s Canine Good Citizen, as well as training for agility.

The three traits the Japanese use to describe the Shiba Inu: Kan-i  bravery and boldness combined with composure and strength. Ryosei is good nature with a gentle disposition. Kan-i & Ryosei are opposites; one cannot exist without the other. The last word to describe the Shiba Inu is Soboku which is artlessness with a refined & open spirit.

Our goal is to preserve & promote the Shiba Inu as the breeders in Japan intended the Shiba to be.
Our dogs are raised with other animals including other dogs, cats, rabbits & birds (budgies, pigeons, ducks). Socialization and good genetics is key. The dogs travel to wherever dogs are allowed, making them more well rounded &  less likely to develop fears or phobias.

Our Shibas are health tested before breeding – eyes, hips, & patellas are OFA certified.


Pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts & limited registration.
Show puppies are sold on individual basis.

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Occasionally we may have older puppies or retired show dogs available to a loving home. Visit Available Shibas for more information.

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