My name is Alexis Amerosa, I started showing dogs in 2010 guided by Celeste Robinette of Sunshine Samoyeds. I originally started showing Japanese bantam hens in high school for FFA at my local fairs, which is how I caught the show bug. I became interested in showing dogs in addition to my chickens but was unable to find anyone to mentor me until I ran into Celeste at 17 years old.

FFA Chicken
Me showing Taillow, My Japanese Bantam at 14 years old. This was our first show at the Florida State Fair, I borrowed an FFA jacket from school since they were so expensive!

Celeste showed me the ropes of handling, grooming and whelping – for which I’ll forever be thankful for. I wanted a Shiba Inu as my first dog but things did not fall into place, so I received a Samoyed puppy from Celeste whom I named Chi. Chi and I had some success – the most notable thing accomplished was Winners Bitch as a regional specialty! It was her first major and the first points I’ve won!
After six years of wanting a Shiba I finally got what I longed for – a black and tan Shiba bitch! It was love at first sight as her breeder Leslie Anderson sent me post whelp photos. (Of course I didn’t know if I was going to get her but I was just hoping that I would!)
I’m freshly started in my Shiba Inu journey – with the Leslie Anderson being my guide and mentor of all things Shiba.

I’ve learned that every moment is special, make the most of the time you have with your best friend. Photo by Kim Langevin

I’ve met several lovely people in the Shiba breed giving me the opportunity to participate in some amazing experiences. I was able to go to the NIPPO Grand National in Hiroshima in 2015 thanks to Yumi Hagiwara. I was able to meet a couple of breeders and their dogs as well as talk to a highly respected NIPPO judge. I was also able to not only attend the NIPPO Grand National in 2016 but also participated in showing a young bitch named Beni owned by Yoshito Wantanabe. We placed 8th in the class and received a Yuuryou (an excellent rating)! I can never thank Yoshito enough for his kindness and this great honor!


Not only do I participate in conformation shows with my dogs, I also allow my dogs to try out in performance events included Fast CAT/CAT, Barn Hunt, Agility, while earning their Canine Good Citizen, and working trick training/titling. We’ve been able to title in Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, AKC’s Canine Good Citizen, AKC’s Farm Dog Certification, Rally and AKC’s Trick Dog. Nekora (AKC GCH UKC CH LeSand’s Karma And Effect RN FDC FCAT CGCA TKI RATI) is the first Shiba Inu to earn the FCAT title in Fast CAT.

Nekora Elkton 42018 6
This photo is from Nekora’s weekend of runs that gave her enough points for her FCAT title. Photo by Mark Baer
Win or lose, a qualifying score or a NQ, I do it first and foremost for the dogs I share my life with and this amazing breed I fell in love with. Photo by C4 Pet Photography

I’m also very involved with purebred dog education – I volunteer for meet the breed booths and have done dog bite prevention presentations at my job (a local private school.) I feel the best way to educate is to make people fall in love with what you’re trying to teach. My dogs love the attention and I love to talk about one of my favorite subjects – dogs!

Dog Bite Prevention at my job – a local private school
Dog presentation 2018 6
Chi’s last presentation at the school. She passed several weeks later. Things like this were really the highlight of her life.
Meet the breed booth at Royal Canin Orlando 2017, our booth won the Non Sporting Group 4th placement! photo by Olivier Morin (1TDC.com)
Meet the Breed Tampa 2022
Meet the Breed in Tampa 2022. Krissy From Coquina Shiba joined us. Left to right: Nekora, Astrid, Delilah, Tsubaki, Brinkley, and Lyric.
Nekora on the news
Nekora’s 15 seconds of fame. AKC reached out to me asking if I would like to be part of a news segment promoting Meet the Breeds in Tampa. Click the picture to see the segment.

I also got invited to write an article for AKC’s June Gazette (2022) for the Meet the Breed booth in Tampa. The link is here, page 43 is where my article starts.


My pride and joy of a mention. For National Dog Day (August 26th 2022) my favorite band of all time asked their fans to share their dogs with their new song Daylight. My heroes shared my dogs! I couldn’t believe it!

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Some of the social media posts we got featured it in!

My kennel name comes from a song by my favorite band Shinedown, they wrote the song for the movie Expendables which was based off a poem. It just has an awesome ring to it!

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