Please fill out the following inquiry form, I require a inquiry for for all parties interested in purchasing a Shiba Inu. We take our role in preserving the Shiba Inu very seriously – we breed & place with the dog’s needs in mind first & foremost. Inquiries completed without references will not be considered for my waitlist.

Please remember each litter is bred with me keeping a puppy in mind. Shibas tend to have small litters, from a single puppy to an average of three. This means I have more inquiries than I do puppies. If you’re wanting to purchase a Shiba from me please be patient, references to other breeders are also available upon request.

I will try my best to produce that will please the puppy buyer both temperament & color wise. Please be aware as I match puppies up with owners on my waitlist in a first come first served basis unless the puppy buyer is looking for something specific (for example a sesame dog, black & tan bitch, etc.). If you’re looking for a specific Shiba please be aware your wait time could increase as I might not have something available with a current litter.

I do not allow owners pick out their puppy –  I match a puppy with the appropriate temperament that is best suited to the owner’s preference. I want the new owners & puppy to be happy, not frustrated or discouraged with each other. Temperament is more important that color when getting the right puppy.

Thank you for understanding.