Here are some additional links that I feel are worth checking out before you make your journey into the world of the Shiba Inu.

More information in regards to the Shiba Inu. The National Shiba Club is a fantastic resource for information on the breed – you must check it out of you’re seriously considering adding a Shiba to your family.

If you’re interested in rescuing a Shiba please check out the local Shiba Inu rescue!

Recommended Breeders:

(I have worked with them personally)

If you’re looking for more Shiba Inu breeders here is the National Shiba Inu Club Of America breeder directory

Shigeru Kato is an important member of the Nihon Ken community. He helps with the exportation of Japanese dogs to breeders located outside of Japan. He has a website dedicated to promoting and preserving the six native Japanese dog breeds. He also has a an informational blog that includes subjects such as registration numbers in the Nihon Ken, available dogs for export, and hunting news/information. He has kindly allowed me to interview him and use his article in my blog post: Hunting with Nihon Ken

An important site dedicated the health testing all breeding dogs should pass & information regarding it.

About NIPPO:

Just for fun links:

Eevee is Nekora’s littermate – he’s a show dog living in Alaska!

A very cute store with tons of Shiba Inu items straight from Japan! Quynh even makes custom collars, harnesses, and leashes!

Mira the service Shiba – she’s featured in this article: Service Shiba Interview

Chiyo the Service Shiba – he’s featured in this article: Service Shiba Interview

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