Meet The Breeds

I just got back from the Orlando shows (I guess you can call it the Royal Canin cluster ). Even though it’s the Tuesday after,  I’m still exhausted, which is why I’m late in posting this.

The regional club I’m part of,  Heart Of Dixie Shiba Fanciers, was in charge of the meet the breed booth. Honestly even though I love showing dogs, getting together with dog friends and shopping around for dog related items. My favorite thing about the Orlando cluster is the booth. It is where we, as dog people, get to educate the public about our breed, share our dog’s accomplishments, breed temperament and quirks, answer questions and give real life experience to potential owners. Which is so much better than Google if you ask me.

I feel this is the most important part of our job – public relations/education! Our sport and our hobby is dying. When we give the public a face to go with the breed, it changes the public’s perception of  breeders.  Instead we become crazy dog lovers who will do anything to protect and responsibly promote our breed. We have funny or even down right embarrassing stories we share to highlight how our breed behaves. We show the public we aren’t bad guys – we’re good people who are really obsessed with our dogs and go above and beyond in caring for them.

This is what we need more of, this is what’s going to save the Purebred dog!

Me & Nekora posing with the Heart Of Dixie Group 4 booth ribbon. It was an honor our booth was able to get a placing. A HUGE THANK YOU goes the Cheryl Lee Giffin for designing & building the booth’s Torii gate. Also a huge thank you goes to Olivier Morin of for this photo!


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