Nekora - National 2018.jpg
Nekora & I at the 2018 Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo by Teddy Lei

CH Katai No Kurotaka Go Kobushisou X BISS Silver GCH LeSand’s Jean Louise Finch

DOB: 6/1/14
Eyes: Normal   Hips: Good   Patellas: Normal

GM1 Gangliosidosis (Shiba Inu type): Normal (WT/WT)

Nekora’s pedigree


Boomlay’s Truth Is Karma Don’t Lie

Boomlay’s Mountain Man

Nekora is the first Shiba Inu to get her FCAT title!! 

Nekora ranked 15th in Shiba Inus for 2018 in the Owner Handler series.

Nekora is an AKC Champion, hold titles in Fast CAT (lure coursing for non sighthounds), AKC Trick Dog, Barn Hunt, is the 3rd Shiba to get her Farm Dog Certification & has her AKC Canine Good Citizen Advance title. She’s also the 20th Shiba to pass the American Temperament Test out of 29 Shibas tested.

Nekora’s mother was the number 1 Shiba Inu bitch for 2015 & the number 2 Shiba Inu for 2015. Scout also won Best Puppy at the 2011 NIPPO Classic. Nekora had big shoes to fill but I think she did quite well – she finished her Championship with 4 majors, for a grand total of 17 points!

Her first points awarded were her first 3 point major at 8 months!
She also received a Non-Sporting group 4th placement at 11 months old!
This was all accomplished owner handled!!

Nekora currently has 30 GCH points & two majors & 1,113.01 points towards her FCAT  2 title


  • Winners Bitch – Suwannee Valley Kennel Club, 3 point major. March 2015
  • All breed Non Sporting Group 4 – Deland. May 2015
  • Winners Bitch – Tampa, 3 point major. June 2015
  • BOB – Tampa, 4 point major. June 2015
  • BOW Perry, Georgia 3 point major. May 2016
  • Owner Handler Group 4th – Deland.  September 2017
  • BOS – Ocala, 4 point major towards her Grand Championship. November 2017
  • Passed AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. November 2017
  • Passed Barn Hunt’s Instinct trial – RATI. December 2017
  • Completed the 150 point requirement for her BCAT. January 2018
  • Owner Handler Group 4th – Brooksville. January 2018
  • Received an Achiever Dog award from AKC – January 13th, 2018
  • Received her Trick Dog Novice (TKN) & Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI) titles – February 2018
  • Completed the 500 point requirement for her DCAT. February 2018
  • Owner Handler Group 2nd – Davie. March 2018
  • 2 Owner Handler Group 4ths – Elkton. April 2018
  • Completed the 1,000 point requirement for her FCAT title – making her the first Shiba Inu to do so! April 2018
  • Select Bitch – Perry, GA for 4 point GCH major. April 2018
  • Honored at the Peach Blossom Cluster in Perry, GA at the Versatile dog parade. April 2018
  • Earned her Farm Dog Certification (FDC) – she’s the 3rd Shiba to do so. April 2018
  • BOS – Perry, Georgia for 5 point major completing her Grand Championship. May 2018
  • Earned her CGCA . January 2019
  • Completed the requirements in one weekend for her IABCA International Championship. April 2019
  • 4th place for UKC’s 2019 Top Ten ranking for Shiba Inu
  • 2019 NSCA Shiba Inu FAST CAT Hall of Fame
  • Completed the requirements for her Rally Novice title via AKC’s virtual Rally program. July 2020
  • Met the eligibility requirements for the 8th AKC Rally National Championship. March 2021
  • 2021 NSCA Versatile Shiba Inu award recipient

UKC Show results:

  • Group 2nd – Lakeland, FL June 2018
  • Group 3rd – Lakeland, FL June 2018
  • Group 1st – Lakeland, FL June 2018
  • Group 1st – Lakeland, FL June 2018

Nekora is bred by Leslie Anderson (LeSand Shibas)
Owned by Alexis Amerosa & Leslie Anderson

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Photo credit to the amazingly awesome Mark Baer for these coursing photos of Nekora

Nekora’s all breed Group 4th – owner handled like always – at 11 months old. Thank you judge Ms. Peggy Hauck
Nekora’s 3rd major win – a little over a year old.
Nekora’s 4th major win – she finished thanks to that win!
Nekora win picture GCH 4 point Major
Her first 4 point Grand Champion major win under judge Mrs. Ann D. Hearn
Nekora - OH Group 4 2018
Owner Handled Group 4 under judge Mrs. Beverly Vic – Tampa Bay Kennel Club 1/14/18
Owner Handler Group 2 under judge Mr. Charles D. Arnold – South Dade Kennel Club 3/4/18
Nekora Owner Handler Group 4th Elkton 2
Owner Handler Group 4 under judge Mr. William deVilleneuve – Greater Orange Park Dog Club 4/7/18
Nekora's BOS New Grand
Nekora’s finishing picture for her Grand Championship – 5 point major under judge Ms. Anne Savory Bolus

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Nekora’s UKC show wins

Nekora’s E-News ad for the Fall 2015 issue. Ad by Cheng Chong
Nekora’s E News ad for the Spring 2018 issue. Ad by Mark Baer

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